Intro to Social Media

Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock, you have heard about social media sites.  Facebook and Twitter are probably the two best known but there are literally hundreds of thousands of social media sites online right now with more being launched every day.  So what qualifies a site as a social media site?

A social media site is really any site that allows you to interact with other members of the community.  You usually have the ability to add friends, follow other members, or some other way of building a list of site members that you choose to share your onsite activities with.  Hence the name Social Media.  You are socializing with your list of friends on these sites.  So whether we are talking about posting your pics on Flickr, your videos on YouTube or your brief Tweets on Twitter, you are involved in Social Media.

So how do we use social media sites to promote businesses?

The two most effective tactics here are a bit surprising:

  1. Stop Selling
  2. Give Your Business Away

Stop Selling:

Your goal on social media sites is to become a part of the dialogue going on in your business niche, and to become considered an authority or resource to others in the community.  You won't succeed at this if you seem to only be interested in making sales directly on the site.  This is at the heart of the paradigm shift we have seen over the past 15 years from push to pull marketing.

Give Your Business Away:

One of the most effective ways to accomplish the above is to give away your expertise to those that have elected to be a part of your community.  On the surface it would seem that, in many cases, you're at best making your services unnecessary to your potential clients or customers, and at worst creating your own competition.  You can do this with slowly with posts and tips, but there is another far more effective way to do this which creates sales and revenues far faster.

"Give your business away" at seminars and events that you promote via social media sites.  These can be either paid or free events.  If you charge for the event be sure that your content is very low on sales content.  Likewise if you give a free event, be sure that your "Commercial" is at the very end, and the rest of your program is usable without purchasing anything from you at all.  These events are one of the most powerful tools you will find to build your business with social media.

Read our posts on the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the most effective ways to use these all important sites.

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