Website Creation – So You Are Finally Ready For Your Own Website

The fact is that we have finally gotten to a point where each and every business out there really needs a website to reach their prospects and market their products and services to their existing customer list.  We know that this is a pretty bold statement, but truth be told can you think of a single business, large or small that would not benefit from a website?

Fortunately there is a website creation solution for every budget, and every level of need, as well as every level of technical ability.

Let's start with the most basic of needs.  Maybe all you need is a webpage that let's the world know that your business is there.  That isn't to say that you may not decide later on to create a more elaborate site, or even a blog to promote your business. 

A great place to build a simple webpage is on Squidoo.  It's really simple for people of just about any level of ability to build a great website using the various modules supplied.  One of the big benefits of using Squidoo is that not only is the onsite SEO work pretty much done for you (other than choosing good keywords and using them in your module titles) but Google absolutely loves this site!  You will have an easier time getting your paged ranked with search engines on Squidoo than any other service.

When you decide it's time for a standalone website, then it's time to look at a blog platform or content management system.  There are a ton of these out there, but these days the best two are Joomla or WordPress.  We use WordPress for all of our sites for reasons of flexibility and because it is the easiest platform for people of all ability levels to get trained on.  It is also the most widely used which translates into the widest range of available plugins, and therefore functionality.  

We will be sharing a great deal of WordPress information in our posts as well.  Watch for it!

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