Marketing on Facebook

To successfully market your products and services on Facebook, you must master the art of becoming a part of the conversation without selling.  You do this by finding where the conversations are taking place on Facebook and diving in with insightful responses to people's queries.  This is all a part of the process of becoming viewed as an authority within your niche.  Do this successfully and you will start to get sales from your fans. 

"Wait a second, how did they get to be my fans?!"

Good question!  As a business you need to set up a Fanpage instead of just a personal profile allowing people to hit the "Like" button as opposed to becoming your friend.  The upside here is that you are not limited to just 5,000 friends as on a personal profile.  You can have an unlimited number of Fans that have liked your Fanpage. 

You can (and should) build your fanpage so that you are building an opt-in email list of subscribers that get some form of newsletter on your business' topic.  The best way to motivate your fans to fill out that little form is to bribe them with a free report, a coupon or some other form of giveaway.  This is a tried and true method that will build your list day in and day out.  If there is one thing that the internet marketing community is in agreement about it is this:

The Money is in The List!

Once they are on your list, keep them reading your newsletter the same way that you got them to initially like your fanpage, and eventually opt-in to your list.  Give them valuable information on your niche and leave your marketing message at the end of the email as almost an afterthought.  Let it be a postscript, or simply a part of your signature.

Of course, now and then it doesn't hurt to send out an announcement of a sale or special deal you are offering.  If feasible, make it a deal unique to your subscribers to add value to the subscription itself.  If you are building a list of cellphone numbers to use in text message marketing it is a good idea to require the client to show the text message with the offer much like a coupon.  Again, this will build value and keep your subscribers from dropping off your list.

Facebook is the largest social media site online today.  What works here will work on other such sites, but may need to be altered  a bit.  Marketing successfully on social media sites is all about adding value to the community.  Keep this in mind at all times and you will be successful marketing with this lucrative media.

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