Creating Unique Website Content

Creating unique content for your website should come pretty naturally.   Most of us are passionate enough about our businesses that it's hard to shut us up.  So why shouldn't it be just that easy to write a short 300 word blog post on a relevant topic?  And that's really the secret to it.  Your posts should be organized, but write conversationally and your posts will read easily and that is vital.

On the rare occasions when I just can't come up with an idea to write about, I will go and look at a competitors site.  Don't steal their content or even their ideas, but look for something they have written that you disagree with.  Now go back and write about the way that you know it to be from your experience in the industry. 

Remember though that your content is not just limited to posts.  You can publish videos of your own, or from other sources as well.  If you post somebody else's video be sure to write some commentary so that you are still building your own status as an authority in your field.  A guest post by a recognized authority in your field is also frequently a good idea, so long as they aren't your competition. 

I've even done interviews that I've used in several different formats.  I recorded the interview and then used it in text, as an audio and with a few images made a video as well.  Get the most from any outside material you create. 

Unique Content is really not the problem that first time website owners and bloggers think it will be.

A few more ideas:

  • Resource Lists
  • Challenge Lists (with solutions)
  • Relevant News Items (watch Google Trends)
  • Relevant TV Appearances
  • Relevant Book Reviews
  • Promotion Announcements (this shouldn't make up the bulk of your content)
  • Current Community Events (community being defined by the audience your prospect base is drawn from)

This list is not exhaustive but will get you more than started. 

Creating unique content will be an ongoing task, but not a business owner's toughest task by a long shot.


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