Website Creation With WordPress – Not Just For Blogging

For anything but the simplest webpage creation,  the easiest most flexible and versatile tool available is WordPress hands down.   And I could actually use it for the simple webpage projects too, but usually I pass those on to others.

Most people first come across WordPress as a blogging platform and that it is, but also so much more.  The primary website for the Ford Motor Company was built on the WordPress platform, and if that doesn't tell you how versatile WP is I don't know what will.

With WordPress you can automate so much of your wsite promotion and SEO activities that it's like having a webmaster on your payroll.  There are many excellent sets of video tutorials available giving you the basics  of website creation using WP so I won't go into that here.  Suffice it to say that you can easily have your first website live in a couple of hours once you know the basics.

WordPress Themes will determine the look and basic layout of your site.  There are literally thousands of free themes that can be used quickly and easily to create beautiful websites and blogs.  You can even take a free theme and customize it to the point that nobody but you will know what the original looked like.  It is sometimes worth it though to pay for a premium theme to get just the right look, or in some cases extra functionality.

In most cases additional functionality comes from using WordPress Plugins.   These are plentiful and most are completely free to use on your site.They can fill a wide variety of needs and it is simplicity itself to search for the ones you need.  We will be posting a list of plugins we use on each and every site we set up soon, so watch for it here. 

The default settings WordPress comes with will even do most of our onsite SEO for you.  The rest is easily accomplished by even rank beginners.  Your WordPress Admin area makes maintaining your website or blog as easy as it can be made.  Give it a shot and you will find that WordPress has the lr.

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