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You've seen them in store windows, on restaurant tables and a growing number of businesses are posting them all over their merchandise. 

And you will see a growing number of people with Smart Phones taking pictures of QR Codes every day. 

So what the heck are these QR Codes, and why do they look like a cross between a barcode and a maze to run a mouse through?!

Watch this and learn:


Here are just a few QR Code ideas you could use…

    * Put them on your business cards. It's an excellent conversation starter! Most will say they never heard of it, and ask you for details. Once they see the power of QR Codes they'll be asking YOU how to get started!

    * Give away or sell song downloads for your band! Single songs, or entire CDs!

    * Give away or sell your apps – example: iphone apps- user scans code and is taken toiTunes to purchase!

    * Print QR Codes on fliers or other material for your business or your offline clients. You're the EXPERT in their eyes – because you know something they don't – you know about QR Codes!

    * Coupons are an excellent way to offer both offline and online rewards and discounts. Make QR Codes with exclusive coupons or discounts!

    *  Make a QR Code to an online map to your business and customers will find you with ease. You can easily do this with Google maps!

We like keeping our readers and customers up to date with the latest and greatest tools and cutting edge technology so:

You can get this technology in the form of a WordPress Plugin here: WP QR Codes

Or if your site isn't WordPress based (it should be) then use our page here: Online QR Code Creator

Try out all 6 QR Code options!

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One Response to QR Codes – Cutting Edge Advertising Technology

  • It’s a really interesting post, I think a lot of marketers just see QR codes as a way to link up their print advertising with their online presence. But I think they can be used for a lot more then just this. I think a lot of people are really curios as to what is stored in a QR code and so they are more inclined to see what is behind it. What you do after this is the important part, I’ve got their attention but the question is how to build on it.

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