Custom Facebook Page to Sell Homes

Selling Homes with Custom Facebook Pages

Did you know that you can use custom Facebook pages to advertise a home for sale?  Facebook's viral nature and ability to be visible makes it a great platform to get the word out on a homes for sale.

A custom Facebook page can provide detailed information on the home, pictures, virtual tours and agent information.  The page can contain links to the agents site, links to an MLS and capture data, such as name and email address of people visiting the page. 

The custom Facebook page can be used to redirect traffic from Facebook's advertising.  Facebook advertising is laser targeted.  Pay per click or pay per impression enables the advertiser to custom build an advertiserment at very effective rates. 

Print media is very expensive and once the ad has run, the money is as good as gone.  There is no way to track who saw the article, how many people wanted more information and the life of the ad is expires quickly. 

Facebook advertising can be designed to have a pre-determined time to run, can be tweaked while the ad is running, can be tracked to see the effectiveness of the ad, and most importantly can be budgeted to almost any budget.

Advertising the home on Facebook Marketplace can also redirect the interest back to the custom Facebook page which can then redirect traffic back to the realtor's site or more information on the home.

Updates to what's happening with the home such as price reductions, sale status can be published through the page. 

Check out this custom Facebook page here.  

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