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One of the best venues to market a business today is by utilizing the power of social media. Social Media has become a business marketing requirement rather than an option. Businesses that do not have a social media presence are missing out on viral exposure as well as growing their existing customer base, peer referrals and brand reputation management. Many businesses have figured out the need to be on social media, so they have jumped on the bandwagon and signed up on several of the top sites. The interesting fact I’ve noticed as an internet marketing, social media marketing professional, is that because social media is “free” many businesses just jump right in with no realization of terms and conditions and real rules that exist governing the social media sites. I was inspired to write this article this morning, as here I am working on a customer’s site this morning, always have my Facebook open, and I just noticed a local business that just set up a “personal profile” for their business. This is a major violation to the terms and conditions of Facebook. Personal profiles, i.e. where you add friends, are for people, not businesses. Businesses need to set up business pages and invite people to Like their page a.k.a. brand. Setting up just a business page with no personal account attached is rather tricky, but can be done. However, in social media marketing circles, including Facebook, this type of setup is really not recommended. The whole preface of Facebook and social media is that it is based on people. Many business owners do not understand why they would want to attach their personal profile to their business page. Many privacy issues are often raised regarding this objection. The truth is, if you are using social media to promote your business, then whatever information is posted to the personal profile should not be of a confidential manner. The easiest way to understand this philosophy is that behind every business are people. Social Media is about people. Social Media for the most part provides completely free exposure for your business. There is one major caveat to this FREE, i.e. knowledge and time. If you have set up a ‘business account’ using a personal profile (where you add friends), this account is currently in violation with Facebook terms and conditions. The risk is that it can take a few months to attract friends to this page, which really are clients, not friends. If Facebook identifies this violation, they will shut off any accounts with no questions asked. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of any social media site before activating a profile. If you are a company with employees, be sure to have a social media policy in place. Make sure that you do not set up two Facebook accounts, one for personal and one for private use. The time and effort you spend in building your presence on Facebook is just too valuable to jeopardize. The value of your business can skyrocket by using social media correctly, but if used incorrectly, it can cause harm your business as well. Zappos is a company that used social media correctly. What is it worth to your business to use social media correctly?

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