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Online Marketing ConsultantsCreating an effective online presence across the several platforms today requires strategies, time and knowledge.   The next questions to building an online strategy are who, what and how.  The who is probably one of the most important questions to answer, as the “who” will drive the what and the how. Today, the field is flooded with so many “experts” from web developers, social media marketing consultants, mobile marketing consultants.  Choosing who will advise your company to building an effective online presence based solely on cost, in the end could be a very costly mistake for your business.

The best way to build an effective online presence, making sure all the pieces of the puzzle are optimized and work in conjunction with each other is to have a strategically planned road map.  We have the GPS in the car to help us get from point A to point B.  We never get in our cars and aimlessly drive (as least I don’t think so -not with the price of gas).   Not having an online strategy in place before getting on-board is a very costly mistake many businesses make.  The online presence of a business is an asset.

Companies who piece-mail the areas of their online presence to different vendors without a roadmap may be costing themselves dollars in lost sales.  The web developer who was hired on price, doesn’t necessarily know best practices for marketing –the approach of a web developer is usually purely technical.  The truth is your company’s website needs to be designed with best practices for technology and optimized as a marketing work-horse.

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