Christine Gregory Campos

How Secure Is Your WordPress Website?

WordPress is one of the most common solutions used for small business websites today.  The seemingly simplistic process of installing a WordPress site and adding content to a site has been part of what has made WordPress popular.

There is much to understand about using WordPress as a platform for your website.  While it seems to be what some might call “Turn Key” there are critical strategies and best practices that must be considered when managing your website.

Can your website be hacked?  Are you running an outdated, unsecured WordPress site?  How would you know?  In this hangout interview, I discuss WordPress Security in-depth with Jerry McCoy from It’s About Cash.  Jerry teaches online business success, and is a technical advisor to socialmediats.  Jerry provides excellent insights that every WordPress site owner should know.  Jerry provides recommendations on solutions to your website security.  If you want to understand security for your website, I recommend spending the 20 minutes and find out the basics on how to safeguard your WordPress website.

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