Article Marketing

This is one of the best ways to build not just backlinks to your website, but readership as well. Done right, nothing works as well or as lasting as good Article Marketing.

Writing Reader Friendly Content

Writing content for the internet is a totally different animal than just about any other form or writing you may have done in the past.

This is true of both writing a post for your own site, or writing articles to publish for directories.  In both cases you want your total length to be somewhere between 250 and 500 words. 

Seem kind of short to you?!

Well remember, when you are dealing with online articles and posts, you generally only have between 30 seconds and a minute to get your readers attention, and then if you want them to stick around you'd better make your point(s) quick!

To accomplish this your content needs to be inviting and not formatted so that it discourages the casual reader.  How do you go about that?!

  • Short paragraphs of 1 or 2 sentences
  • Lots of white space
  • Key points and common questions in bold type
  • Overall short length (Max read time of 3-4 mins)

These simple points will make your readers feel comfortable and encourage them to stay on your site and look around.  Readers will read 3 or 4 posts taking 8 minutes, but quickly leave a page that would require 5 minutes of reading.

These tactics are what separate successful posts and articles from dead content doing you or your readers any good at all.