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The entire world of Social Media Marketing. From Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to the thousands of Community Sites, it all falls under this category.

What Can You Expect from Your Social Media Efforts?

Christine Gregory Campos Often I am asked, well what can I really expect from a social media effort?  There is an investment of time and/or money, so how does social media monetize.  What is the ROI (return on investment) for participating in social media?

Faced with this question, I will often ask, ‘What is the loss to your company for NOT doing social media?’  Social Media is a new media that has made its way into the main business sector.  Larger companies are participating in engagement.  The reason is they realize the potential:

“If you want an example of the power of social media, consider this:  Starbucks gets 1.8 million visitors to their web site every month, Coca Cola some 270,000.  By contrast, their Facebook pages get 19.4 million and 22.5 million respectively, just about 10 times the traffic.  And every one of those people has given those companies permission to give them updates about their company, products and services.” – Warren Whitlock

The truth about Social Media is it is a platform to build awareness of your company’s brand.  So what does that mean?  Let’s think…How many brands of potato chips do you think exist?  Well the truth is, only the ones that come to your mind.  The truth is that there are over 80 brands of potato chips, but if you only know three or four, then the others really don’t exist.  So Social Media helps your brand become a house hold name.

Social Media gives your brand an opportunity to engage.  It is a platform to listen to your customers. Many companies utilize social media to manage their customer relations.  It is so vital to your brand to be listening to the online chatter.  Listening is truly the first and most important step of engaging in social media.  So many brands are managing their custom service relations via social media.  Today, the consumer has a louder voice than ever.  Why?  Because they have a viable platform to be heard…Social Media.  Gone are the days of having to write to Eyewitness News 7 on Your Side or Oprah.  All one really has to do to be heard is to do is make a post about a complaint of a service.  I have witnessed this first hand on Facebook.  A negative comment about a company could cause so much brand damage, that can literally turn off an entire sector or target market.

Social Media can grow a global presence.  When you realize the statistics of a Facebook Active User or the statistics of participation of countries and sectors on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can quickly realize how your brand’s name can grow in recognition.  Even if your market it not global, familiarity will never hurt your brand.

So Social Media is NOT a magic bullet.  You may not see a dollar to dollar conversion.  Social Media is an investment in your brand, much like any other advertising.  Social Media is marketing, and so it properly belongs in the marketing budget! –Many Blessings to all!

The Real Secrets of Social Media Success

Cordiano Winery

As I return from an incredible 4 day trip from San Diego California, where I was honored to have the experience to meet my mentor, Mari Smith, as well as our fabulous VIP group, Kelly Aguliar, Melone Dodaro, Dawn Doherty, Lance Joe, Laren McMullen, (my great roomy), THE Kevin K. Lau, Kathi Rabil, Julia Senesac, Alan & Lani Voivod, Kay Walten, Debbie White, Carolyn Wilson (our resident Ausie) and Mari’s fabulous assistants, Lori Westbay and Susan Majoy, I am reflecting on the wonderful events and information I received throughout the process.

As I try to encapsulate into words all I learned during these last four days, I cannot even think of where to begin.  Mari’s vision and direction of this weekend reflected her true gifts.

I could give you a line by line description of the events we experienced this weekend, however, my friends Alan and Lani Voivod have already done so eloquently on their blog at Epiphanies Inc.

The Mari SmithThe message I have chosen to add is focused on Mari’s approach to our experience.  As we gathered as a group, began growing our relationships, there was an almost indescribable element that began to form.  Business was shared, openly sharing our knowledge and strengths, furthering the good of the whole.  People sharing technical knowledge, creative knowledge, years of knowledge of sales, the list of sharing was endless.  I felt like a sponge soaking up information, learning new perspectives and information that I could then bring back to my corner of the world, and share with my community.

Mari could have chosen a traditional lecture style learning environment, which I think most of us may have expected.  Instead she chose to use this opportunity to Mastermind together, allowing a natural flow of the process.  Allowing the moments to be, instead of forcing them into some single idea of what they should be.

So what is THE “best” social media secret?  People!  It was the people who participated in this weekend that supplied its power and strength.  So it is the people and the energy in these people that make Social Media powerful.  Directing your social media efforts to be genuine, offer true value and be dedicated to the people you serve is the best way any one can use this platform.  Branch out and connect with other people.  Social Media removes the geographical boundaries and provides the stage to truly serve and join together.  Thank you for joining me today.  Thank you Mari for the lessons you taught by your vision.  Thank you to all who shared with us on this retreat. –Many Blessings to all!


What does Your Social Media Profile Say about You?

The purpose of a social media profile is to provide readers information about the person…..”you”. 

I often engage with business owners who have social media "accounts", but have only set it up to expose their business online, and have little to no interest in setting up or establishing a public personal profile.

Security, privacy or plain disinterest in the medium are the top three reasons I often hear for not wanting to utilize a personal profile.  Security for personal information, as well as privacy concerns are truly valid arguments.  However, understanding how to use social media correctly for business provides the business owner knowledge of how to gain a happy medium of exposing a personal persona, yet with all the security and privacies intact.

A social media profile can be set up and designed to publish only the information necessary to communicate an idea or perspective of whom the person is behind the business.  I’ve heard reports estimate that today, people are 86% more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust, then with a business they do not know.  The non-existence of a genuine, personal profile or a vague profile, loses its transparency and authenticity.  The results of this approach are truly a loss of opportunities, ineffective social media strategies, and ultimately, a possible loss of attracting new people to your business.

I’ve provided some ideas for writing an effective personal profile for social media.  Below I’ve summarized an article I found useful on the topic “How to Write the Best Social Media Profile …for you”


Summarize yourself in five or six words – be creative and attractive!

  • Identify your key words (very important).
  • The focus of the profile should identify who you are and for what you want to be known?
  • The profile should clearly be designed to speak to whom you want to attract?  (a.k.a. your target audience)

Profile Picture

Many people overlook the importance of having a professional looking profile picture.  I believe the profile photo is one of the most important aspects of a profile.  After all, pictures paint 1000 words.  Again, social media is about people.  While I truly love and adore children and animals, the headshot needs to show your face.  If I meet you at a networking group and go home to try and connect with you online, and there are 5 people with your name, and there is no headshot of you, how can I be sure I am connecting with the right person?  Remove the doubt, get a good headshot.  Lighting should be in front of you and the background should appear professional and be without “noise”.


Content is key to describing yourself and your business.  Below are some questions for you to consider answering as part of your profile’s content:

  • What are the goals and objectives of your social media strategy?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What is the product and/or service you offer?
  • How can you relate your persona to your services?
  • How can you balance your personal and business information to create a public profile?
  • What social media sites would you find your target audience?
  • How will you use social media to communicate?
  • What in your profile can be identified to attract your target audience?  What is in it for them?
  • Do you want to be known as a topic expert?  What is that topic?
  • Will you be projecting a business persona or are your opinions going to be purely personal?  (If you wish to establish yourself as the expert, it must be you speaking.)

Be sure to highlight

  • Achievements
  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Accomplishments

Remember, in general people don’t like it when others brag

Try to be concise yet descriptive.  Make it more of a story.  Think of engaging the reader.  The ultimate function of a profile is to encourage the reader to go into action –to find out more about you and your business.  Even if the results are not a business transaction,  if a good impression is made on your readers, and you achieve the trust, know and like factor, it could result in the ultimate compliment –a referral.  Try to think of your profile as the basis of building relationships.


Make the tone of your profile fit with you and your personal style.  I always try to help people understand that social media is exactly the same as real life networking.  If you were to attend a networking event, your interests would be to meet and engage with people on a professional level.  Social Media is simply digitalizing the networking process. 

Some other helpful hints

  • Review other industry related profiles – for inspiration and ideas, please do not to copy.
  • Remember to make it personal –what I like to term as “professionally personal".  Social media is all about people.  Keep the content of your professional profile as a mix of personal and professional information that you are comfortable to publicly publish.
  • Before publishing, make sure you and someone you trust, proof read for spelling and grammar.  Don’t forget that the profile could be a first impression of you and your business.

I hope you found this information useful to your business today.  My business is all about serving you! –Many Blessings!

Do It Yourself Social Media Marketing

Christine of socialmediats

One of the best venues to market a business today is by utilizing the power of social media. Social Media has become a business marketing requirement rather than an option. Businesses that do not have a social media presence are missing out on viral exposure as well as growing their existing customer base, peer referrals and brand reputation management. Many businesses have figured out the need to be on social media, so they have jumped on the bandwagon and signed up on several of the top sites. The interesting fact I’ve noticed as an internet marketing, social media marketing professional, is that because social media is “free” many businesses just jump right in with no realization of terms and conditions and real rules that exist governing the social media sites. I was inspired to write this article this morning, as here I am working on a customer’s site this morning, always have my Facebook open, and I just noticed a local business that just set up a “personal profile” for their business. This is a major violation to the terms and conditions of Facebook. Personal profiles, i.e. where you add friends, are for people, not businesses. Businesses need to set up business pages and invite people to Like their page a.k.a. brand. Setting up just a business page with no personal account attached is rather tricky, but can be done. However, in social media marketing circles, including Facebook, this type of setup is really not recommended. The whole preface of Facebook and social media is that it is based on people. Many business owners do not understand why they would want to attach their personal profile to their business page. Many privacy issues are often raised regarding this objection. The truth is, if you are using social media to promote your business, then whatever information is posted to the personal profile should not be of a confidential manner. The easiest way to understand this philosophy is that behind every business are people. Social Media is about people. Social Media for the most part provides completely free exposure for your business. There is one major caveat to this FREE, i.e. knowledge and time. If you have set up a ‘business account’ using a personal profile (where you add friends), this account is currently in violation with Facebook terms and conditions. The risk is that it can take a few months to attract friends to this page, which really are clients, not friends. If Facebook identifies this violation, they will shut off any accounts with no questions asked. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of any social media site before activating a profile. If you are a company with employees, be sure to have a social media policy in place. Make sure that you do not set up two Facebook accounts, one for personal and one for private use. The time and effort you spend in building your presence on Facebook is just too valuable to jeopardize. The value of your business can skyrocket by using social media correctly, but if used incorrectly, it can cause harm your business as well. Zappos is a company that used social media correctly. What is it worth to your business to use social media correctly?

Custom Facebook Page to Sell Homes

Selling Homes with Custom Facebook Pages

Did you know that you can use custom Facebook pages to advertise a home for sale?  Facebook's viral nature and ability to be visible makes it a great platform to get the word out on a homes for sale.

A custom Facebook page can provide detailed information on the home, pictures, virtual tours and agent information.  The page can contain links to the agents site, links to an MLS and capture data, such as name and email address of people visiting the page. 

The custom Facebook page can be used to redirect traffic from Facebook's advertising.  Facebook advertising is laser targeted.  Pay per click or pay per impression enables the advertiser to custom build an advertiserment at very effective rates. 

Print media is very expensive and once the ad has run, the money is as good as gone.  There is no way to track who saw the article, how many people wanted more information and the life of the ad is expires quickly. 

Facebook advertising can be designed to have a pre-determined time to run, can be tweaked while the ad is running, can be tracked to see the effectiveness of the ad, and most importantly can be budgeted to almost any budget.

Advertising the home on Facebook Marketplace can also redirect the interest back to the custom Facebook page which can then redirect traffic back to the realtor's site or more information on the home.

Updates to what's happening with the home such as price reductions, sale status can be published through the page. 

Check out this custom Facebook page here.