Twitter is the web’s microblogging platform of choice, so vital to your marketing efforts.

Twitter – Microblogging On Steroids

Twitter is a uniquely interesting animal.  It is considered a microblogging platform because your posts, or Tweets as they call them are limited to just 140 characters.  This is 20 characters less than you get when you text someone on your cellphone! 

To make it easier, if you include a URL that makes you go over 140 characters, they shorten it to get you  in under automatically.  For SEO purposes you will want to try and make those URLs come in under the limit.

Twitter will allow you to get some backlinks to your site automatically, and like most social media sites the more friends you have the more backlinks that gives you.  This is because your Tweets will show up on the pages of all of your friends or followers as Twitter calls them. You can get more attention paid to your Tweets by making the main keyword in your post searchable.  You do this by putting a pound sign in front of it like this:  #keyword

Doing this allows people that are interested in the same topics to find each other and follow each other's Tweets.  You should also do this.  And think about what to search for with related keywords.  So if you were Tweeting about a dog grooming business, you may search for:  #doggrooming  #dogcare  #dogtraining  

And then you simply follow everybody posting Tweets with these searchable terms.  If they don't follow you back, just unfollow them.  This is important as if you end up following more than 2% more people than are following you, Twitter will stop you from following anyone else til the discrepancy is rectified.

We'll be talking a LOT more about Twitter ongoing as well as a few other microblogging services like Plurk and Orkut.  They are each important for different reasons and objectives, so watch for more here.