Video marketing means harnessing the power of YouTube, the internet’s biggest video sharing site. Half of all internet traffic at any time is on this one site.

YouTube – Video Marketing Made Easy

YouTube is easily the number one video sharing site online today.  Some statistics say that at any one time YouTube has half of all internet traffic and that the average user stays on the site for over an hour.  Pretty amazing stats if they are even half true!.  The good news is that they make it amazingly easy to get your feet wet in video marketing. 

Just about every laptop computer sold today comes with a built in webcam and microphone.  Software wise, if you get a PC chances are you automatically get Windows Live Movie Maker.  So most people are all set with all they need to make videos of themselves talking on pretty much any subject you can imagine.  If you need to make screenshot videos, grab CaptureFox.  It's a totally free plugin for the Firefox browser.

It's also insanely easy to "scrape" videos on other sites and upload them to Windows Live Movie Maker and make a unique video of your own. For this I like the Net Video Hunter plugin.  Again for Firefox. 

Just don't violate anybody's copyright.   Many times people will give you permission to use their video in part or whole.  You can also use other people's videos if you chop them up for a review or commentary purposes. 

A few SEO Notes: 

  • Make your video titles keyword rich. 
  • URLs in the description area on YouTube are automatically clickable but may not show unless you put them first in the description.
  • YouTube's huge amount of traffic plus their search function make them one of the largest search engines online.  Worth the effort to rank for your keywords.
  • If you post the link to a YouTube video someplace that doesn't allow for anchor text you still get credit for your video's title so name those videos carefully!

Once you have uploaded a video to your YouTube account you can quickly and easily embed it to your blog or website just by grabbing a little bit of code.  Once you have done this a time or two it becomes easy to change the size of the video player by changing the code around.  Just keep the Height/Width ratios the same and you will have not problems.  Just be sure you change it both places in the code.

If you don't have any ideas for videos, a great way to get started is to just upload a few images to Windows Live Movie Maker and record yourself reading one of your articles or posts.  This is a very effective way to get the most out of your content and get some great traffic from YouTube.

Be sure to go out and make some friends on YouTube as well.  Remember, the more friends you have on any social media site, the more effective your efforts will be.