Local SEO

Tampa Bay Local SEO ServicesWhat is local search and why does your business need it?  Local search is the shortened version of local search engine optimization (SEO).  Local SEO is an important piece of your marketing puzzle.

Your company is competing with businesses in your community — not businesses located hundreds, or thousands, of miles away from you. Customers comparing prices from two local companies are comparing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges. 
Local search uses many of the same resources and tools used when competing on a national or global scale, but there are some tools and strategies that have been designed for local "offline" businesses that are building an online presence. 
The number of competitors you face in your community will help determine how much time, money and energy you need to spend doing local search activities in order to claim one of the first three coveted spots on Google and the other search engines. How well you manage your SEO and social media will help determine the number of leads and customers you will get and keep.
Never underestimate the importance of consistency in the success of your search engine marketing efforts.  Make sure to know what your immediate, local competition is doing with their local search efforts.  Get the facts on optimizing your business for local search.  Check out our free five part online course that provides the basic information that makes your website attractive to the search engines.
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