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A Good Online Reputation Is Worth More Than Gold


A man I respect recently stated that there are 4 types of reputation. These different types of reputation are:

  • Good reputation
  • Bad reputation
  • No reputation
  • A 5 star reputation

Good Reputation

A good reputation means your business may have a mixture of good and bad reputations or a limited number of reviews.

Bad Reputation

A bad reputation means the number of reviews posted online about your business is high enough to overshadow any good reviews that may exist.

No Reputation

No reputation means you either have no online reviews from customers or the numbers are so low and hard to find they aren’t helping your business.

A 5 Star Reputation

With a 5 star reputation, you have a 5 star culture in your business and a system in place that encourages your customers to leave a glowing review about their experience with your business.

Regularly received customer reviews that your customers write about your business are a vital part of your business. The next sentence illustrates WHY they are so important.

A recent Nielson survey revealed that 70% of local consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family?

Do you know if your customers are leaving bad reviews online about your business?

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