Social Media Marketing

Why do I need to be on Social Media?

Many small businesses know they need to be on social media, some are, some are not, but on a whole, many of the clients we deal with either say “I don’t know what to do with it now that I’m on it” or are doing it really wrong!!!

Social Media is not just about status updates, getting followers and having the most connections.  It is a way to network.  Just as we go to networking meetings, meet new people, participate in conversations, set up one-on-ones, social media provides for networking digitally

Think of what you do in face to face networking and convert those actions into the computer via social media.

The top three sites every business owner should be on is Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The opportunity to network and connect on these three sites seems just about endless.

Each social media site has a very specific focus and there are different reasons to use each of these top three social media sites.  Just having a profile on these sites is not enough.  Learning how to utilize them as a resource for prospecting is the golden key. 

socialmediats teaches the business owner how to utilize the FREE resources of social media –the right way

There are several other sites that we can recommend joining depending upon the industry.  The key though is the user.  If the user doesn’t get it, they will not use any of them, so sometimes keeping it simple will better suit an individual.  Become successful at one if all three are just too overwhelming. 

It will depend on what you want from social media to decide which of the top three sites to join.

socialmediats works with the small business owner and provide hands-on training for people who need that personal training on social media.  We break it down in simple steps that basically spoon feeds the elephant one bite at a time!