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A very important pillar to an effective online presence is a company website.  While optimized social media sites and mobile websites are equally associalmediats marketing consultants web development important, having a strategically planned and developed website is a building block in the process.

Not all websites are the same.  Not all web developers are equal. WordPress is a well known new tool for building websites.   It is an excellent tool for building search engine optimized sites that provide rich content.  WordPress sites can be easily added to by non-technical users.  Due to its ease of use and installation, often times WordPress is mismanaged from install to development.  There are many keys to building a secure, sound, effective WordPress site.  Make sure the company you choose has some technology background, because it is often what someone doesn’t know that can do the most damage. 

socialmediats builds branded, optimized websites that work for your company!  Our team consists of technology specialists having over 15+ years in the technology industry.  Combined with 10+ years of sales and marketing, SEO and certification in social media marketing, we consider all the bases when building a website.  Some samples of our sites are seen below.

Let us help you brand, re-brand or get started with building an effective online presence.  

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