socialmediats offers several hands-on training classes designed to help you achieve successful internet marketing and social media interaction.

The days are gone when marketing your products and services is as easy as posting an ad in the newspaper or the yellow pages and running commercials on TV and radio. Each of these types of media are seeing declining results, and therefore increasing costs. Hardly seems right, does it? All of these fall under the title of Push Marketing. As in you "Push" your message out to the masses and hope they like what they see and hear.

That isn’t the way most people get information about the products and services they choose anymore. The days of Push Marketing have been replaced by "Pull Marketing" where people opt into the messages they are exposed to. They do this via marketing media such as Social Websites like Facebook and Twitter, and other technology based vehicles like Text Message Marketing and email. Learning to take advantage of these "Pull" media types takes some learning, but the good news is that using this type of marketing campaign is generally easier, cheaper and far more effective than the old "Push" methods.

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