Not All Websites Are Created Equal!

How to tell if your website just a digital business card?

1) Is your website built using a template tool?

Many tools provide website templates.  These templates are not favored by search engines because they see them as replicated as  ‘cookie cutter sites’.  Therefore the website is ignored by search engines.

2) Is your website a company replicated site?

Many MLM, direct sales, and several company sales representative websites have been created using the same template, i.e. replicated.  Two down faults of this type of design is:

(a) The website is not unique; several reps can have the same "looking" website as you, which in my opinon builds more awareness of your brand versus you;

(b) The input of the information is either "canned", i.e. the content of the original template -OR- the user can personalize the information –however with no real consideration to keywords, organization and search engine optimization.  Again, this website will most likely be ignored by search engines.

3) Do you have the ability to add content?

Many websites are ‘static’ by design.  A static site is one that has been built and then is rarely if ever updated.  Often this is due to the expensive nature of having to hire a ‘webmaster’ to make the updates.  

The truth is with the right foundations, business owners can easily add their own content on an on-going basis, attracting their audience to return to their website frequently!  This is part of making the website ‘dynamic’.

4) Does your website encourage conversation?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the termp Web 2.0 technology.  What that really refers to are websites that encourage and enable conversation.  This is best demonstrated by the success of social media sites.  They provide a platform for interactive conversation. 

Websites that encourage consumer participation are more likely to attract their audience and invite them to return frequently. 

5) Does your website have a "Call to Action" & capture visitor information?

Most of us have visited websites where we are asked to leave at the least our first name and an email address.  This internet marketing tool is known in the industry as ‘building a list’.  I can’t tell you how many small businesses I consult that don’t have an way of collecting this data. 

The statistic state that it is necessary to be in front of someone at the least 7 times to make a sale.  If I visit your website today, and you don’t collect my name and email, how can you reach back out to me about your brand or service?

The above are the basic components of building a Web 2.0 website.  socialmediats builds sites that have

  • Custom Designed Websites utilizing Web 2.0 Technology
  • Connection to Social Media Sites
  • Interaction with Social Media Sites
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Data Capture Ability
  • End User Updating Feature